Timeline Information

  • I highly recommend all of my couples add on a second shooter to their collection if they haven't done so already. While this is not something I required in the past, within the past year I have noticed that having a second shooter is very necessary in order to accommodate all of the photos my couples would like done within the very strict timeline we are given by the venue. If you would like coverage of the groom and groomsmen getting ready, cocktail hour, and overall more photos of your guests you will need a second shooter. Please ask for pricing.
  • The sunset is the most important element of your timeline. Making sure that there is enough daylight (at least 1.5 hours) after the ceremony ends is key.
  • Coverage begins about 4 hours before the start of the ceremony. Most collections with 8 hours of coverage will not be enough to capture a final exit. If you would like your final exit captured, you will need to plan for a faux exit before I depart, or adding on additional hours.
  • Please limit your immediate family photos to 10 combinations or less. We typically have 20-30 minutes for these photos and it takes significant time to gather and organize everyone. With a second shooter, additional family photos can be done during the reception


Do we need a second shooter?

Yes, I now recommend all of my couples have a second shooter. The wedding industry is constantly evolving and in order to keep up with my clients vision and expectations I now need a second photographer there on the wedding day. If you did not book a collection with a second shooter I am offering a second shooter to be added on to every collection.

Do we really need so much time before the ceremony?

Coverage typically starts about 4 hours before the ceremony. It sometimes feel like a lot of time for my couples who have never planned a wedding before which is why I do my best to communicate why we need so much time! Things run late on wedding days by nature, and photos take much longer than people anticipate. I also allow for a bit of breathing room in the timeline - because having down time with your friends and family is when I am able to capture candid and genuine moments. You need to enjoy your wedding day and not feel rushed for photos!

Can you capture the sparker exit?

Yes, but it is not ideal. Typically my couples will have a moment during the reception where I take photos as an "exit". Waiting until the end of the night typically requires at least 10 hours of coverage, and is not the best conditions for photos (your guests have been drinking all night and the things are very loose). I've found that the best exit moments occurs directly after the ceremony with rice, flower petals, ect. If you would really like the exit at the end of the night captured we can add enough hours onto your collection to allow this.

We have a big family - how do family photos work?

Limit your family photo list to 10 combinations or less. This is usually all that we end up having time for. The time to collect and gather up all of the family members after the ceremony, get into the correct groups, and organize everyone takes more time than people anticipate. One great way to capture all of your family members is to have the DJ do a "photo game" where he plays one song and you run to each table to get a photo. This lets us get a photo of every guest within a reasonable time!

*please note that your venue coordinator assigned to you is not your wedding planner. If you do not have a wedding planner please put n/a*

*please put n/a if you do not have a wedding planner*

A first look is when the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony begins, and complete their portraits.

This is strongly reccomended

It is recommended that ceremonies start at least 2 hours before the sunset. This allows us enough light for portraits afterwords

All portraits (bride & groom, family) need to be taken before sunset.

I strongly recommend that all of my couples add on a second shooter if they are able to. Not only does it improve the quality of your gallery, but it helps the timeline of the day run smoother.

This requires a first look

Collections with 8 hours of coverage typically do not capture a final exit.

If you do not have this ready - send it in a separate email!