I wanted to create a landing page so that anyone interested would be able to get all of information in one place. March is endometriosis awareness month, and this year I really wanted to do something special. I thought it would be amazing to get some gals together that suffer from endo and host a boudoir photoshoot day. The plan is that I will be renting a studio for the day and having a handful of girls come in to shoot some boudoir photos with (I will also be participating!). The whole point of the day is to highlight our strengths, feel confident and pretty, and really just embrace ourselves. I will be guiding you through the entire thing so there is no need to worry about how you will feel in front of the camera! You will receive a gallery after the shoot with the images that you are free to use for yourself - on social media, or just for yourself! I will be using the images on my own social media, with respect to using only tasteful photos of course.

Just to give some context; I have been suffering from endo since I was 11. I had my first surgery a couple of years ago and since then it has really jus been me trying to stay afloat every single day. This disease has really affected my entire life and my entire families life. So I know how it feels to suffer through it - and I really want to share with people that living you can be pretty, and confident, and successful - even with a chronic illness.

I have some concepts and ideas of outfits that I have put together (see the pinterest link below). Obviously I would love for everyone to pick a concept and outfit that makes them feel amazing, and these are just ideas. Please do not pay attention to the body types in the pinterest board - it is just for the purpose of outfits.



The plan is a day falling in the last weekend of February. I will book a date once I hear back from everyone.

Feb 17th

Feb 18th

Feb 24th

Feb 25th


The studio is located in downtown Jacksonville. It's really pretty and it has tons of light, and different backdrops for us.


I will give everyone a time to show up to the studio and we will probably shoot together for 30 minutes. Everyone will have a different time for privacy.