The wedding photo timeline

Your wedding day timeline is so important to the overall energy and flow of your wedding day. Your photographer is going to likely plan out the most optimal times for photos based on the time of day and lighting conditions. I have created some sample timelines based on a typical 8 hour wedding. Please keep in mind this is not customized to your wedding day, and can look very different depending on your logistics (bridal party, sunset time, ceremony, ect).

I want to emphasize that your photo timeline created with your photographer is much different than the master timeline curated by your planner. It is essential that your photo timeline is reviewed by your planner so that everyone is on the same page and operating on the same schedule.

Some things you can do to keep the timeline moving smoothly:

  • Add on a second shooter. A second shooter is going to lessen the load on your lead shooter and allow multiple things to be shot at once reducing time needed.
  • Give a copy of your timeline to every single person involved in the bridal party and have them agree to follow it.
  • Plan hair and makeup accordingly. If hair and makeup is late, so is the rest of the day.
  • Make sure your ceremony is at least 2 hours before sunset.