Questions to ask your photographer before booking

How involved are you leading up to the wedding?

Some photographers are heavily involved through the process while others are not. Neither is right or wrong, but each couple has different needs and priorities.

Do you offer a second shooter?

Does your photographer offer a second shooter as an add on to your collection? Some weddings will require one, and others might just prefer it. I educate all of my couples on the importance of having a second shooter, especially if they have a large guest list or details that are important to them.

Do you prioritize documentary style photographer vs posed

Ask your photographer how they work on a wedding day. Do they focus on posing or documentary style? Do they do a bit of both? For me, I focus on directing my couples throughout the day using movement and prompts. This makes them look natural and candid even if they're not comfortable in front of the camera.

What do your photo timelines look like?

Photo timelines are so important on a wedding day. Will your photographer work out the logistics of making sure your vision is captured? How many hours of coverage will they be shooting for? How strict are they when it comes to the timeline?

Are you confident working in different lighting situations (insert your particular lighting situation for your venue here)

If your venue is particularly challenging in the lighting department (completely inside, night time ceremony, dark or confined space), you'll want to confirm with your photographer that they are confident working with that kind of light.

Do you have a backup in case you get sick?

This is a new one that I often get during my consultations with new couples. It's important to know that your photographer has a plan-b in case they get sick. Whether that is a close knit group of photographer friends that they trust, or hire associates.